Cable Glands

Types Of Cable Glands

• EIW Cable Gland
• EIFW Cable Gland
• BW Cable Gland
• CW Cable Gland
• A1/A2 Cable Gland
• Marine/JIS Cable Gland
• Single Compression Cable Gland
• Double Compression Cable Gland
• Special Gland
• IP 65 Protection Cable Gland
• IP68 Cable Gland
• Cable Gland Accessories
Core Features
• Cable Gland are produce as BS 6121 Standard
• BW type Cable Gland provide an integral armor clamp for armored cable which provides an electrical bond between the cable armor & gland
• A1/A2 Gland provides a single pull resistant seal on the outer sheath of an unarmored cable. This type gland maintains ingress protection of IP66/IP68 to 25 metres.
• PG glands are basically produced as per DIN standard 46320/46255 & available with sprain relief facility with round or hex intermediate sockets.
• Marine Cable Glands as per JIS standard are basically used for Shop decks & other marine application.
• Free cutting Brass IS 319 or BS 249 or Higher Grade
• Any specific material as per customer requirement

ISO Metric (MM Threads)

Finishing :

  • Natural
  • Nickle Plated
  • Tin Plated
  • Any type of coating as per customer requirement

Product Range

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