Brass Inserts

Brass Anchors, Brass Threaded Inserts, Brass Moulding Inserts, Brass Knurled Inserts, Brass PPR & CPVC Inserts, Brass Insert for Plastic, Brass Insert for Wood & Clipboard, Ultrasonic range of Brass Insert, Heat-bit range Brass Inserts, Press-in Inserts with & without Collar,Self Tapping Brass Inserts

Core Features of Brass Insert
  • Thread as per International GO & NOGO Standards.
  • Deeply Groove for Maximum Pull Out Resistance
  • Inner Diameter (I/D) after Threads with very close tolerance to prevent from unnecessary flush to enter into the inserts
  • Both blind & through inserts are available with no minimum qty
  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I)
  • Free Cutting Brass BS 249 Type (I) or Higher Grade
  • Any Material Composition as per customer requirement
Knurling Available
  • Diamond
  • Straight
  • Unidirectional
Knurling Inserts
  • Round Knurled Inserts
  • Hexagonal Inserts
  • Square Inserts
Finishing & Coating:
  • Natural
  • Nickle Plated
  • Electro – Tinned
  • Any Type Of Coating as per customer specification

Product Range

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